You're on Candid Camera!

What if someone gave you free, beautiful, professional high-res candid images of yourself every few months? Would you glance at them once they are posted and then forget about them? While some keeners may tweet one out for a #TBT post, most of us aren’t using one of the best #Hali networking bonuses out there - the photos from Menna Riley’s Leading Ladies Networking events! 

Here are 5 easy & awesome things to do with any epic, candid shots of you that can help build your personal brand.

#1 Build It

From professional to engaging to creative & back again, the majority of us have a profile photo or headshot we are happy with. Building a personal brand doesn’t stop there. More and more, people are searching for authentic, real-life photos on social media. Recruiters use image searches to screen you in or out. Accept it: everyone from past co-workers to old high school buds are creeping you online. Give them something good! A tip my clients love: lock down most of your Facebook, but at the same time, build a public Facebook album. Include some candids from LLN, some photos of you volunteering, some shots of you running a marathon, etc.

#2 Prove It  

If you’re a Leading Lady that’s in business, social proof is key to building your reputation. If you are involved in anything people-related, post pictures of you talking to people on your website, your social media, your company pages, etc. This is especially useful if you are in a market that targets women. Be creative with where you use them. Try and use a candid as a banner image on your LinkedIn profile.   

#3 Tell It

I bet you have at least one good story you can tell from your last networking event. Share it! Any posts on social media that have pictures get oodles more engagement than those without. Use storytelling with a candid and you become an engagement pro! 

#4 Test It

One of my favourite websites is Photofeeler. You can post images of yourself and crowdsource opinions, like if the image makes you seem likeable or competent, for example. This is a great way to test if what you feel you’re putting out there image-wise is what people are receiving. Submit a few candids and see yourself through other people’s eyes.

#5 Cheer It

Have you had a wonderful experience with another Leading Lady? Maybe you purchased a service or product, or maybe they connected you to a great opportunity. Is someone doing an epic launch soon? Use a candid of them in your testimonial or shout-out. Sprinkle some gratitude and kindness around in the online world.

Oh and one more!

Credit It

Be sure to credit Leading Ladies Networking and the photographer in your posts. Give credit where credit is due, and get #netwerkwerkwerking!

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Ali Breen