Just Start

Picture this: I’m in France studying abroad and in my childhood home, where I thought it would be safe, there’s a wall. I have scribbled on this wall for years: lyrics, thoughts, snippets of poetry, quotes and countless heartfelt things that I’ve written myself. I find out it’s getting painted over. If I can’t find a way to capture all that’s been recorded there, find some way to keep it, it will be lost. 

I love to write, and I’ve been pumped to start blogging since I decided to start my coaching practice, which was over a year ago. I attended BlogJam 2016 last November, and was inspired and equipped with tools, tips & tricks. I started reading more blogs, connecting with bloggers that I related to, clicking all the “how-to” posts that came up in my feeds and paying attention to style, vibe, etc. Still, I didn’t know where to start. So I didn’t.

There are a million reasons why I want to write. I want to connect with people and help them. I want to change some narratives circling about millennials that are wildly inaccurate. I want to be an influencer and develop my voice into something strong enough that people will listen, and then use that captive audience to make some sort of difference in the madness of this world. I want people to laugh, to imagine, to grow. I am so passionate about what I do and I heard myself saying everyday, “I could write about that”. But I didn’t.

As a career coach, I help people get clear about what they really want. Blogging is something I really wanted to do in my own career as a small business owner. I used to let my creativity run wild. I used to be so impatient to write that I didn’t even wait for paper, I didn’t grab a laptop, I wrote on the walls. What happened? 

Does it matter?

One of the things that I use with my clients that is so powerful is the phrase “Just Start”. Sometimes when we’re stuck, we try to analyze why. How did we get stuck? How did we end up here? Sometimes, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes your time is better spent trying to reach for what you know makes you happy, for what has always made you happy. If you’re stuck, just try moving, even a little bit, towards that. One step, one click, one tiny change of perspective or habit or environment can give you the power to get unstuck and let go.   

A friend went to my wall, and took pictures of all the things I had written on it. I still have the photos somewhere, and I’m sure that writing is super corny and embarrassing but so inspired too. I will let my creativity run wild here in this space. I will show up here and show you the things that I write. I invite you to do this too and soon. Pick something in you and set it free to run a bit. Feel the difference it can make to just start. I know I feel different already.

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